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Jul 18, 2019

“It’s important to use our platforms as a way to connect with others and to be able to share.”

In this episode, I sit down with my childhood friend and true inspiration, Josi Pellicano!  I met Josi in middle school, and have always admired how resilient she is. She has a really interesting story to share that I know you guys will learn a lot from her strength. We talk about her dad’s incarceration for most of Josi’s life, her shifting family dynamic now that he’s out, and how she has adapted to all this trauma and adversity. Josi also shares her experience getting her Master’s degree, and how that guided her to where she is today. 

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I love that Josi is using her platform to open up about this story.  When a family member goes to prison, the entire family goes along too. Josie is creating a safe space to discuss this issue and reminding us to embrace when we’re not okay and talk about our shame.  The tough times shouldn't be kept a secret. 

Here are some more points we covered: 

  • Shifting family dynamics and how we cope 
  • How our families were different from the “norm” in our cushy California neighborhood.
  • Josi’s current relationship with her father.
  • US mass incarceration rates.
  • Shame culture and why it needs to change!

To keep up with Josi and her killer Instagram feed, follow her @averagejoblog


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