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Sep 21, 2020

In this weeks episode I am joined by Zara Barrie (@zarabarrie). Zara Barrie is a writer who has been pouring her heart out and offering up heaps of advice to girls across the great expanse of the internet for over a decade. She was a wildly popular teen blogger notorious for her angst-ridden detailed accounts of her hard-partying weekends, her melodramatic adolescent depression, and her screwy relationship with food. For college, she attended California Institute of The Arts where she studied theatre. She haphazardly fell into a professional writing career when she scored a job as Senior Writer at the ever-popular digital publication, Elite Daily. At Elite Daily, Zara starred in, produced and wrote a popular original web-series “Lez Get You Laid: Sex and Dating Advice To Men From A Lesbian” and hosted a weekly live advice show for the publication. Zara has recently launched her own bad girl wellness site: "The Dirty Beauty." She writes a weekly column for GO Magazine and is the cohost of DNR's popular weekly radio show AnxieTEA Radio. Her bevy of viral essays and videos are regularly discussed in mainstream media outlets such as; The View, The Real, The Talk, Huffington Post, Cosmo, Refinery29, Bustle, and Elite Daily. She's on the squad of influencers for Samsung, and hosts events with celebrities and artists in their exclusive meatpacking district space. She's a founding board member of The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, a powerful non-profit that focuses on empowering the underserved LGBTQ youth in rural America. She identifies as a mascara lesbian and lives beyond her means in New York. (Bio via


In this episode we dive into topics like:

- The millennial perspective on the evolution of self-exploration and mental health

- Zara’s new book, Girl, Stop Passing Out in Your Makeup

- The male attention that accompanies puberty

- Identifying as lesbian and processing sexual trauma caused by men

- Zara’s story of sexual abuse, her career path, self-medicating, eating struggles, OCD, and more

- Working through trauma in therapy and the lifelong journey to recovery

- The importance of creative expression

- The effects of sharing your mental health story publicly

- Zara and Alexis' perspective on sexuality and the empowerment it gives you


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