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Nov 29, 2021

In today’s episode I’m joined by my husband, Evan Haines. Evan is not only the co-founder of Oro House but now an author of Can America Recover: Reimagining the Drug Problem.


We discuss…

- How Evan’s early sobriety journey led him to found Oro House

- Why non-traditional 12 step treatment can be extremely effective for addiction and what makes Oro’s method unique

- What causes mental health treatment providers to have negative feelings towards their patients struggling with addiction

- Where our cultural and social norms about work and addiction originated from


Mentioned in this week’s episode…

- Can America Recover: Reimagining the Drug Problem by Evan Haines

- Ep. 4 I Love You, Mom w/ Bob Forrest

- Ep. 26 Call In w/ Bob Forrest

- Ep. 105 The Social Causes of Addiction and Mental Health with Bob Forrest and Evan Haines


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