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Jan 4, 2021

In today's episode, I am joined by Bob Forrest and Evan Haines. Bob and Evan are co-founders of Alo House Recovery Centers, a holistic, non-12-step rehab facility. Both former addicts, Bob and Evan have extensive experience in the recovery field and are experts in the compassionate care model.


We dive into the following topics…

- Calling things into existence, manifestation, and the law of attraction

- If therapists without addiction experience have a place in drug treatment and how they can utilize empathy and evidence based practices to increase effectiveness in modern treatment

- Navigating weed addiction and getting sober without hitting a “rock-bottom”

- Setting healthy boundaries with family members

- How profoundly divorce can impact children and their mental health

- Coparenting with a spouse in active addiction and how gender differences impact this

- Evan and Bob’s upcoming book—America is Addiction






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