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Aug 16, 2019

This episode is a bit different because we are doing a call-in show with my friend Bob Forrest!  If you haven’t heard my previous episode with Bob, the co-founder of Alo House Recovery Center, be sure to check that out next.  


So, we gave out a number and had you guys phone in with all your questions regarding sobriety, addiction, codependency, recovery, and my supposed debt to Orlando Bloom. It gets real on this episode, so I hope you enjoy!  I look forward to more connection with you guys in the future. It is really great to connect and interact beyond Instagram comments and DMs.    


Some stand-out questions were: 


  • Our opinion on needle exchange systems and clean injection sites
  • How to recover from being a “weekend warrior”
  • Enabling and its destructive outcomes
  • Finding mental health care and support in difficult financial circumstances 
  • Overcoming insecurity and anxiety


And that just scratches the surface.  We get deep into each topic, and Bob offered some stellar advice.  Many questions were about being a loved one to an addict. My heart truly goes out to those in this situation.  I see your pain, and I believe acknowledging your own pain is really important to the healing process. You can’t bring negative energy and shame to your loved one, and you definitely can’t force them to recover.  But you can heal yourself first.  


We are all on this earth to process something on a spiritual level.  Sometimes, addiction and healing are part of this process. Don’t let negative feelings and energy have power over you.  Reach out and get help, no matter the scale. Just start with the next indicative action, and take baby steps from there.  


Hearing my listeners’ stories is why I do this work.  All I do is for the collective. And the message I share is that you can recover, despite the trauma and pain.  Trust me, you can do this thing.   


If I can make a living amends, pay off my court fees 8 years later, and thank Orlando Bloom for kind of saving my life, then you can recover too!  You’ll just have to listen to the episode to understand!




If you or someone you love needs help, go to 


Resources we discussed in this episode: