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Jun 15, 2020

Jessica Kent is a fellow ex-con who went Youtube viral when she shared a video about being pregnant and giving birth in prison. For months I have had requests to sit down with Jessica and have her share her story. I think as a society we have evolved in so many ways in regards to openly speaking about our addictions or mental health. But, when it comes to being a felon, I find most people instantly change their views about you when they find out that you’ve been to prison. I haven’t shared much about my experience in jail on the podcast before and I plan on doing it more now.

In this podcast we discuss:

- Giving birth in prison


-Childhood trauma

-How poverty plays a role in the privilege debate

-Bail reform

-Systemic Racism

-Mass incarceration

-How difficult it is to rebuild your life as a felon


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Or on Instagram at: @JesKen12


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