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Oct 26, 2020

In today's episode, I am joined by my sister Gabrielle Hames to discuss the profoundly spiritual experience of her recent birth where I was her doula.


In this episode, we dive into the following topics…

- Gabrielle's birth story from contractions to postpartum recovery

- The contrasts between midwifery care and OB/GYN care

- Navigating family relationships during the birthing process

- Coping with birth complications as a mother and doula

- Eating your placenta post-birth and the associated health benefits

- Connecting with your newborn and dealing with the anxiety when you don’t

- How you can help support a new mother post-birth


Mentioned in this week's episode...

- The Business of Being Born

- PUSH Midwifery

- Birth, Babies and Circumcision with Robyn Pool from PUSH Midwifery



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