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Oct 12, 2020

In this week's episode, I am joined by Caroline Calloway  Caroline is a 27-year-old Instagram influencer known for her lengthy captions and unique posts. She came into the public eye during her time at Cambridge University and again when the I Was Caroline Calloway article was released in The Cut by her former friend Natalie Beach.

In this episode we dive into topics like:

- Dealing with online shaming and hate on the internet

- Caroline’s childhood trauma and her experiences growing up with a mentally ill parent, verbal abuse, and the recent suicide of her father

- Caroline’s struggle with her Adderall addiction and the enabling lifestyle she was living

- The impact of privilege (racial, economic, etc) on addiction

- The complexity of Caroline’s relationship with Natalie and their writing careers

- Pop-culture scandals in Caroline and Alexis’ lives


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