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Apr 22, 2019

Romantic relationships in sobriety get a pretty bad wrap, so on this episode of Recovering from Reality, I sit down with my husband (and best friend) Evan Haines as we share some lessons we've learned along our path to recovery. This week we're celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary and it feels like the perfect time to reflect on the story of how we met. When I first met Evan (yes, we met in AA) I would listen to him talk and feel almost envious of the things he would say. He seemed so... enlightened. I looked up to him in a way and he inspired me from our very first date. On our second date he asked to meet my mom and later that night he broke up with me. Here's just one example of the wisdom Evan drops throughout the episode, "In recovery, we learn to accept ourselves, and in finding that compassion for ourselves we can find it for others." #andsoitis