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Apr 15, 2019

It's episode # 7 of Recovering from Reality and I'm sitting down with my wonderful, hilarious sister Gabby! We talk about everything from our upcoming Vegas trip to the different perceptions we each held of our childhood. Gabby and I spent quite a few years working through our own sh*t before we could get close to one another and have a real sister relationship. Sisters have such complex, chaotic, and sometimes telepathic bond. Throw in traumatic upbringing into the mix things are bound to be a little messy. We examine the different dynamics and roles we each played within the structure of our family unit and talk about how we don't want to extend those roles into our own families. This episode covers themes of forgiveness, resentment, and emotional oppression. We also play a pretty hilarious inappropriate game of 'would you rather' which gives y'all a shining example of the women we've become today. #goals #mauture #andsoitis