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Apr 13, 2020

This week, Evan and I recorded a Q&A for the podcast and over on Instagram live! You guys sent in a bunch of good questions, and we get deep into topics like addiction treatment, our personal recovery, relationships, and more.


We share our thoughts on medication assisted treatment, or using drugs like Suboxone to reduce the chance of overdose. We also talk about harm reduction, and ways we can support those who are active addicts. Make sure to educate yourself on this topic before forming an opinion.


We also answer a question about 12 Steps and how its community aspect is so beneficial. I dive into the reasons behind why people have addiction, and how we can do the work to get to the root of our traumas. Evan shares his past drugs of choice and if either of us get triggered to use. 


As far as relationship questions, we talk about how to navigate marital conflict, our favorite things about each other, and our favorite memories. We also talk about our age difference and whether it affects us. Evan also answers if my past scared him! for 15% off your order


Produced by Dear Media