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Mar 30, 2020

This week, my husband Evan and I are bringing an episode to you guys while quarantined, or social distancing, in our home. We have made every effort possible to stay home, and hope you all stay safe and healthy during this global pandemic. Evan is forever calm, cool and collected, so I thought he'd be a great guest for these times. We talk about Evan’s addiction story, our relationship, marriage, and first impressions of each other, and his almost 15-year sobriety. We also talk about our treatment center, Alo House, and what’s happening in the treatment world. We know during this time of isolation, people can really struggle with mental health, so we are discussing how to handle that as well.

Evan and I are highly sensitive and empathic people, as most who struggle with addiction are. We believe these empaths are truly the mystics, truth-tellers, and way-showers of our planet, and need to be properly cared for. They are not the crazy ones! Our mission with addiction treatment is to help show people their own power, and remove the stigma around suffering. with code: REALITY for 3 Free Samples with your order.

Produced by Dear Media