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Mar 25, 2019

Bob Forrest has been to rehab 24 times and thinks Alexis's husband—Evan—(Bob's business partner at Alo House Recovery Centers) is altogether too nice. It's safe to say that this episode of Recovering from Reality covers A LOT of ground. Suboxone in the '90s, "best friend parenting" styles (think: Lindsay and Dina Lohan), and why we should all stop confusing lust with love. Alexis and Bob talk about how to collectively change the direction our society is heading by steering each other towards a more connected reality. We examine how the disintegration of the family unit is plaguing American families and leaving both parents and children without a solid support system. For more on this topic, we encourage you to check out Bob and Dr. Drews pod, This Life.

This episode doesn't shy away from heavy topics (trigger warning: divorce and sexual abuse are covered throughout) and Alexis opens up to her listeners about being an empathetic person dealing with internet trolls and frequent online criticisms, resulting in slumps of depression and frequent panic attacks. Bob shares his opinions about parents who talk about childhood molestation as the two briefly discuss the Michael Jackson documentary. A massive shoutout to Alo House Recovery Centers for being brave enough to approach treatment from an entirely new paradigm—something else we cover throughout this episode. Also, shout out to Brene Brown for getting us through the week with her book Rising Strong. 🙏

P.S Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow tried to make conscious uncoupling a thing? Yeah...