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Mar 18, 2019

Being married to a Backstreet Boy isn't always easy. Rochelle McLean joins us today on the third episode of Recovering from Reality to talk about what it's like being married to a pop star, online bullying, body shaming, and more. "We're all reactive human beings, so how do we process this reactivity in a way that's healthy?" Alexis sits down with her dear friend Rochelle to talk about online "hate mail", raising body positive daughters, and... cream cheese pretzels! Rochelle is a private soul who's life got just a little crazy when she married Backstreet BoyAJ McLean. During this open-hearted episode, Rochelle shares her reality aka how she met AJ, her personal insecurities, and how she committed to a partner who's in recovery. This episode deals with relevant topics such as social media personas, the effects of online bullying, and woman on woman 'trolling'. We hear from some of our listeners and ask the question, "how to explain to your kids that people on the Internet are being mean?".

Thank you to everyone who helped make this episode a reality and a special shoutout to Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters for keeping our crew caffeinated... #andsoitis!