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Feb 1, 2021

Today I am sitting down for a solo episode where I answer your questions. In this Q+A, I dive into the following topics…

- Why I decided to get the Pfizer COVID vaccination and taking a balanced, holistic approach to medical care

- How to navigate relationships when you are at different places of self-awareness and growth

- My current struggle with my relationship with food and exercise

- An update on our adoption journey!

- How to deal with comparing yourself to others on social media

- Dealing with shaming from family members

- How trauma induced ADD/ADHD develops and why our society’s schooling system doesn’t support these children


Mentioned in episode…

- Celebrating Body Diversity with Sarah Landry (The Birds Papaya)

- Call-In Show W/ Sarah Nicole Landry (The Birds Papaya)

- Ep. 57 Navigating the body positivity space with Katie Willcox

- Scattered Minds by Dr. Gabor Mate





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