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Dec 7, 2020

Today I am sitting down for a solo episode where I answer your questions. In this Q+A, I dive into the following topics…

- Breaking the cycle of generational family trauma by creating holiday traditions

- Maintaining your mental health during a pandemic and accepting our current reality

- The importance of creating space in our lives to feel good

- How I spend my very limited free time

- My holiday gift guide (reiki training, Cured products, Sophie and Lili mugs, crystal kits for the girls, Osea Malibu products, RFR Merch, Vintage Boho Bags, and Saxx boxers)

- How to raise your vibration while doing shadow work

- If I would do the Real Housewives

- The first steps to take in your healing journey

- Navigating postpartum anxiety and prescription anxiety medications


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